Exhausted but the shop is ready!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Today our shop passed the final inspection from the health department which means we can open! Although I might wait a week or two to officially open since I am completely wiped out. :) This endeavor was a lot of stress and work. But I'm looking forward to working out of my shop and advertising. It took us a while to find a plumber and get the sinks installed but thankfully we were able to find a good plumber who took care of it quickly. I'm so excited to move in and start working. Have I already mentioned that? I have a lot of cake sketches I want to turn into cakes but have been too preoccupied with business stuff. But first I have to give my house a thorough cleaning since it's been neglected lately. Thanks so much everyone for your support and well wishes!


Linda said...

So excited for you! Wish I could come and order a cool looking cake from you!

RoSa said...

Well, I am so excited for you.
I wish you luck with your shop. Hope this would be great for you.

By the way, have you ever thought of giving classes on how to decorate cakes?

Janell said...

Thank you! I'm a terrible teacher and wouldn't know where to start with giving classes. Not to mention that every time I try to show someone how to do something they don't get the same results as me. :)

Amy said...

I can't wait to see the pics of your shop!

Also, the link for the recipe for yellow cake on your doberge cake blog doesn't work. Do you think you might be able to repost it? :)