Denny the Artist

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I was visiting my sister recently and when I glanced down at the counter I noticed an envelope addressed to "Aunt Janell". I asked her what it was and she said "Oh, Denny made that for you a few weeks ago and I forgot to mail it to you." I was so excited, I opened it to find he had drawn me this. It totally made my day. Since I can't interpret art very well I asked him to explain it to me. This is a wedding picture! There's a large heart cake on a table with the bride and groom topper and the bridal couple and church in the background. How awesome is that?! What a thoughtful artist! And he's only five! Move over Van Gogh.

Published Again!

This time in Mailbox News, which is another cake decorating magazine.
Yea! And they included the part about my dad taking the picture so now we both got our name in print. The cake that made it this time is my Christmas tree cake. I got the idea from a cute little figurine in an Illinois souvenir shop last year. I had my husband take a picture of it since I was too cheap to buy it. Some of my favorite cakes come from ideas I get from figurines, greeting cards, and invitations. And people think I'm just creative. ;)