Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've gotten in the habit lately of forgetting my camera when delivering a cake, which is pretty much the most important tool for cake decorating. If I spend two days working on a cake and don't get a picture of it then it's enough to drive me mad. This last cake was one I was pretty proud of. I was running late to deliver and set it up and was halfway there when I realized I'd forgotten my camera. It was too late to go back and get it but I had to get a picture so I started thinking of anyone that lived in the area. I happened to pass near my friends house so I stopped and begged them to let me use their camera for half an hour. They thought I was crazy but understood and let me borrow their very expensive camera. The cake got set up great and I got a picture of it after all. Woohoo! Madness averted. I guess I could have begged the customer to get a picture of it but the last time I did that they ate the cake first and forgot the picture. :( Maybe I'll start keeping the camera in my cake tool box because I may not get so lucky next time.